I began to light design around ten years old after having taken a two-week lighting and sound day camp at a local playhouse. From there, I began to design for the final performances of other playhouse camps.

     I would continue to explore this career path for years before landing an actual lighting design gig for the play My Name is Asher Lev at Hershey Area Playhouse. Inspired, I ventured forth and continued to explore my style of design through experience and collegiate training at Temple University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Lighting Designer

Storytelling through light & shadow.

Photo by Sylvia Garner

     My style of design consists of an elevated or magical realism, in which the beauty of nature and practical-style lighting meets the storytelling and mood elements of music, text, and movement. My goal is to take the themes and moods and build upon them to elevate and support the given media that I am designing for. 

     While lighting can be used as a means to show the subject, I firmly believe in immersing the audience into the story through the use of lighting. As immersive theatre and experiences continue to evolve, the idea of bringing the audience into the world through sound and lighting is prevalent in my inspiration and designs.